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Air Conditioning Service | Orlando, FL

Air Conditioning Service | Tropical Ford | Orlando, FL

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Does Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Need Service in Orlando, FL?

Here in Florida, the summertime heat and humidity can be intense. That is why air conditioning is a real necessity, both in your house and in your car. You should routinely have your vehicle’s AC system inspected. If you are having trouble with it, bring it to the Tropical Ford Service Center here in Orland, Florida. Here are four signs your AC needs service.

1. The air is not as cold as it used to be. You probably know how cold your car’s air conditioning should get at each setting. If you’ve noticed that it doesn’t get as cold as it usually does or the airflow is diminished, there may be a blockage in the line. It’s also possible that your car’s cooling system has run out of refrigerant.

2. The system makes strange noises. Unless it’s running at full blast, your car’s air conditioning is probably quiet. If you are hearing unfamiliar noises when you turn on the AC, it could be an issue with the compressor. The AC system operates on a pulley system and if it is wearing out, you could hear a grinding or squealing sound. If you hear a rattling sound, it could be the compressor’s clutch.

3. Bad smells coming from air conditioning. Along with cooling the air, the air conditioning pulls humidity from your car. This means, there is a lot of moisture in the system. If your air conditioning has begun to smell funky, it could be a sign of mold or a dirty filter.

4. Pools of water in the cabin. It is normal to see a pool of water form underneath your parked car after running the air conditioning. However, if you find a pool of water or a water stain inside your car, in the front footwells, this could be a sign of a blocked drain.

If your car is showing any of these signs, schedule a service appointment at Tropical Ford today.
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