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Common Truck Maintenance Problems | Orlando, FL

Common Truck Maintenance Issues | Tropical Ford | Orlando, FL

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Keeping your Ford pickup in excellent shape is essential to getting the most out of these capable trucks. We suggest that you learn about some of the more common truck maintenance problems so that you can bring your Ford into Tropical Ford in Orlando, FL in time for a check-up in the service department. Our factory-trained technicians are always ready to provide you with reliable service.

Engine overheating

If you notice that your Ford truck is running hot, it’s important to bring it into Tropical Ford right away. Whether it’s caused by a blown gasket or something in the fuel tank, an overheated engine is not something to be ignored. Over time, this issue can lead to costly damage to the engine, so it’s crucial to seek the opinion of an experienced technician immediately.

Failure of a u-joint

Well-lubricated U-joints are essential to maintaining the health of your pickup’s mechanical components, since they transfer power from the transmission to the differentiator. It’s important to watch for signs of a damaged u-joint, such as a clicking sound when driving, or vibrations at higher speeds.

Brake issues

Ford truck experts suggest that you have your pickup’s brakes checked every 10,000-15,000 miles. Trucks can experience wear and tear to their braking system faster than cars or crossovers, because of the pressure put on them when hauling or towing large loads. Have your truck’s braking system checked with every regular visit, and watch for signs that the brakes are worn, like a squishy brake pedal, a vibrating when the brakes are applied, or an illuminated brake system warning light.

Wheel bearing issues

Wheel bearings allow a truck’s wheel to move smoothly, so if you notice jerking or unstable movements while you’re driving there may be an issue with the bearings. Ford trucks that are making lots of noise in the wheel wells might also have an issue with the wheel bearings. If you should notice any of these signs, bring your Ford pickup into Tropical Ford and let our team take a look.

Want the best for your truck? Bring it to our service center at Tropical Ford in Orlando.

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