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Glossary of Ford Fleet Acronyms
4WD 4 Wheel Drive  
4X4 4 Wheel Drive  
4X2 2 Wheel Drive  
A/T Automatic Transmission  
AAM After market Account Manager  
ABS Anti-Lock Braking System  
ACES II Automated Claims Entry System Ford's Online Warranty Claim System
ACSG Automotive Consumer Services Group Ford's global vehicle service organization
AFV Alternative Fuel Vehicles Vehicles powered by fuel other than solely gasoline or diesel
APCM Auxiliary Power Control Module  
ARS Automotive Remarketing Services Ford's group that represents used vehicles at auction for fleet and financial clients
AWA After Warranty Adjustment, aka "Recovery"  
BAC Business Assistance Center Ford's business to business call center group
BB Body Builder  
BBAS Body Builders Advisory Service Ford's group that offers assistance to truck body modifiers
BO Balance Out The end of model year date for a specific vehicle line or  plant
BOM Bill of Material Engineering description of the vehicle's material
BPN Business Preferred Network Ford dealers that offer special services to small business customers
BSW Black Sidewalls Tires which are black on the side
CAA Clean Air Act  
CAC Customer Assistance Center  
CAFE Corporate Average Fuel Economy  
CAFM Commercial Area Field Manager  
CBM Commercial Business Manager Ford representatives who call on Business Preferred Network (BPN) dealers
CCRG Critical Concern Resolution Group Critical Concern Resolution Group is the team at Ford who make decisions relative to Recalls and other Field Support Actions
CFFP Clean Fuel Fleet Program Federal Program
CLP Commercial Lease Plus  
CM Clearcoat Metallic A paint process whereby there is a coat of clear paint applied on top of the colored paint
CNG Compressed Natural Gas Natural gas compressed under high pressure (2000-3600psi)
CQIS Common Quality Indicator Systems Database used to document vehicle/part concerns
CSA Commercial Service Advisor  
CTC Commercial Truck Center  
CuDL Customer Data Link  
CVO Commercial Vehicle Operations Ford Motor Company's commercially focused parts and service support organization.
CY Calendar Year  
CYTD Calendar Year to Date  
DDR Dealer Daily Rental Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers that provide retail rentals and/or service loaners
DNB Dealer News Bulletin Weekly publication that updates information on the ordering, scheduling, production, and delivery of vehicles.
DOE Department of Energy  
DOHC Double Overhead Cam  
DOM Dealer Operations Manager  
DORA Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment A verification sent to dealers acknowledging each order placed with Ford
DPG Dearborn Proving Ground Ford's test track in Dearborn, Michigan
DRW Dual Rear Wheel  
DSP Data Systems Provider  
E85 Ethanol 85% Ethanol/Gasoline mixture containing 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline
EBOM Electronic Bill of Material  
EDSR Electronic Dealer Service Report  
EFC Electronic Field Communication  
EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  
EPACT Energy Policy Act of 1992  
ESC Extended Service Contract  
ESP Extended Service Plan  
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival Projected date for vehicle to arrive at destination dealer
EV Electric Vehicle or Environmental Vehicle A vehicle powered by electricity or a fuel other than gasoline
FAB Fleet Advisory Board A group of Ford fleet customers who advise Ford fleet on fleet issues
FAD Ford Authorized Distributor  
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions  
FCIC Fleet Customer Information Center Ford Fleet's call center at 1-800-34-FLEET
FCSD Ford Customer Service Division Ford's service group for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in North America
FFV Flexible Fuel Vehicles Vehicles with the ability to run on two fuel types or a combination of the two fuels, including ethanol and gasoline or methanol and gasoline.
FIN Fleet Identification Number Ford's identification code for North American fleet customers.
FMC Ford Motor Company  
FIMPS Fleet Integrated Marketing Program System Ford payment system for competitive price allowance incentives
FMCC Ford Motor Credit Company Also called Ford Financial, Ford's financial arm
FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards  
FOC Ford of Canada Ford's Canadian operations
FOE Ford of Europe Ford's European operations
FOM Ford of Mexico  
FORDSTAR Web Based Dealer Training Network  
FRCS Ford Rental Car System Ford dealers that provide retail rentals and/or service loaners
FSA Field Service Action  
FSNP Fleet Service Notification Plan  
FTDC Fairlane Training and Development Center Ford's training center in Dearborn, MI
GAM Government Account Manager Title of Ford's government fleet field sales representatives
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating  
GCI Global Consumer Insights Ford's marketing research group
GCWR Gross Combined Weight Rating  
GGE Gasoline Gallon Equivalent  
GPC Government Price Concession Vehicle discounts relating to government bids
GT GT 500HP Supercar Only 800 of the GTs will be made in the current model year
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight  
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating  
GWO Global Warranty Operations  
GWTS Gross Weight Rating Systems  
HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle An HEV is powered by a conventional engine with an electric motor added for enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions.
ILEV Inherently Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
IRS Independent Rear Suspension  
LD Light Duty  
LEV Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
LMCRS Lincoln/Mercury Car Rental System Lincoln Mercury dealers that provide retail rentals and/or service loaners
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas  
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas Propane
LPO Limited Production Option  
MS&S Marketing Sales and Service  
MSRP Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Sticker price
MY Model Year  
MYTD Model Year to Date  
NABD North American Business Development  
NAFLRO North American Fleet, Lease and Remarketing Operations Ford's group handling fleet sales
NAM National Account Manager Title of Ford's fleet field sales representatives
NGV Natural Gas Vehicle Vehicle powered by natural gas
NHTSA National Highway Transportation Safety Administration US agency which promotes highway safety
OASIS On-Line Automotive Service Information System  
ODR Other Daily Rental (Other than Hertz/Budget)  
OE Original Equipment  
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer  
OGC Office of General Counsel  
ONP Owner Notification Program Now called customer satisfaction program
PATS Passive Anti-Theft System  
PCM Power Control Module  
PDC Product Development Center Building in Dearborn housing Ford's designers
PDC Parts Distribution Center  
PDC Product Development Center  
PDV Parcel Delivery Van or 'Pie Truck'  
PEP Preferred Equipment Package or Popular Equipment Package Vehicle ordering packages or configurations
PSI Pounds per Square Inch  
PTO Power Take Off  
PZEV Partial Zero Emission Vehicle  
QC Quality Control  
QCM Quality Care Maintenance  
QCMPP Quality Care Maintenance Protection Plan Coverage for the normal or optional scheduled maintenance service recommended in vehicles
QFC Quality Fleet Care Billing system for fleet customers which combines dealership billings
QMP Quality Maintenance Program  
QVM Qualified Vehicle Modifier Vehicle modifiers which have been certified by Ford
RCB Regent Court Building Building in Dearborn housing Ford's fleet operations
RPO Regular Production Option  
RV Recreational Vehicles  
SD Super Duty  
SDS Supplier Direct Ship  
SEMA Specialty Equipment Market Association  
SFM Select Fleet Manager  
SOB Scheduled Order Bank Holding area for orders placed by dealers which have been scheduled for production
SOHC Single Overhead Cam Engine configuration description
SRW Single Rear Wheel  
SSM Special Service Message  
SULEV Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
SUV Sport Utility Vehicle  
SVT Special Vehicle Team SVT vehicles include the Cobra, Lightning and SVT Focus
TSB Technical Service Bulletin An engineering document published to inform Ford Dealer service people about a specific problem with detailed instructions on how to correct the problem
TSO Technical Support Operations  
UIO Units in Operation  
ULEV Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Emission Standards created by EPACT
USOB Unscheduled Order Bank Holding area for orders placed by dealers which have not yet been scheduled for production
VIN Vehicle Identification Number 17 characters which identify all vehicles
VOC Voice of Customer  
VSO Vehicle Special Order Non-standard order options available for Ford fleet vehicles
VSPS Vehicle Scheduling and Planning System  
VVT Variable Valve Timing  
WB Wheelbase Distance between front and rear wheels
WD Warehouse Distributor  
WDMO World Wide Direct Markets Ford's group which exports vehicles to select countries
WDS Worldwide Diagnostic System  
WHQ World Headquarters Building in Dearborn housing Ford's top management
WINS Wholesale Incentive System  
YTD Year to Date  
ZEV Zero Emission Vehicle Emission Standard created by EPACT
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