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Master Certified Technicians at Tropical Ford
Tropical Ford Master Service Techs Orlando FL
You value your vehicle. So when your vehicle needs attention, you need to take it mechanics you can trust. Ford Master Technicians are experienced and knowledgeable. They are trained to handle every major vehicle system.

Transmission Service at Tropical Ford in Orlando, FL

Your transmission is a fundamental part of your propulsion system. After your spark plugs have ignited a mixture of fuel and air, and the pistons have compressed this explosion, the energy produced heads towards your transmission. In turn, your transmission sends that power to your wheels and it becomes what’s known as torque.

Sometimes, issues with the transmission can develop. Here are some signs that could possible indicate an issue with that particular system.
  • Taking too long to upshift
  • Having to constantly top off transmission fluid
  • Transmission fluid is dirty
  • Gear shifter is difficult to move
  • Vehicle revs and doesn’t shift when shifting a manual

The transmission is a complex system, but Ford Master Technicians are trained and educated to handle any issues that may arise with your transmission.

Brake Service at Tropical Ford in Orlando, FL

Your brake system is a hydraulic system. Brake fluid is pressurized, so when you depress the brake, that very small and simple action translates into a powerful clamping action. The friction that is created when your brake pads rub against your rotors is what slows the spin of your wheels and stops your vehicle.  

When you have brakes issues, you can feel it but you can also hear it. Do your brakes squeal or grind or squeak? Does your brake pedal feel spongy and not firm? These all could indicate brake issues.

Brake pads are designed to wear over time. That’s an easy fix and is probably why your vehicle is squealing when you brake. However, larger issues can develop as well. Your brakes are not just part of how your vehicle operates, they have a profound safety function as well. And whether the issue is big or small, Ford Master Technicians are prepared to handle it.

Tropical Ford in Orlando, FL has three knowledgable, professional Master Service Technicians ready to service your Ford at any time.  If you need your brakes, transmission, or engine serviced, bring it in to Tropical Ford to get the job done right!  Schedule your service appointment here!

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